Things To Know About Indian Railway Online Booking

August 24, 2016

Indian railway online booking

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When it comes to traveling, you must make all the arrangement prior to the date of the journey and not keep it for the last minute. The first thing that must be taken into consideration is booking the tickets. Whether you travel by train, bus or air, make sure to book the ticket three-four months prior to the date of the journey, so that you get the seat of your choice. Just remember to book your ticket before doing anything, when you are all set to travel a new destination by train.

When it comes to Indian railway online booking, you have ample of options as the online travel portals have tied up with Indian Railway. Just by visiting the website of online travel company you can book your ticket.

More details about Indian railway ticket booking:

When you decide to travel by train, then you must be fully aware about Indian Railway Online Booking so that you do not face difficulty while booking the train ticket. With the emergence of the online reservation system, it has now become so easier and simple to book the train ticket to any part of the country.

E-ticket service is indeed a boon in the lives of the passengers and it has proved beneficial for the common mass as it has many benefits. The first and foremost benefit is you get to save a lot of time when you avail railway e ticket booking service. Indian railway has its own website form where you can book the train ticket and it is user friendly. So while booking from the IRCTC website, you will not face any difficulty even if you are a novice.


Indian railway

Indian railway | Image Resource :

All about Indian railway ticket booking

There are many things that you need to know pertinent to the Indian Railway Online Booking. You must be aware of certain terms; terms like WL, RAC and CNF are the terms that you will find in the ticket depending on the status. When you book the ticket to your chosen destination and find in your ticket letters WL, then you must understand that you are in waiting list.

To check your status, go on the railway website, you need to enter the PNR number in the bar that will appear on the screen to get the present status. If you see RAC, then it means reservation against cancellation which implies that you can get into the train; the ticket collector will arrange for your seat and if the status you see is CNF, then travel without least tension as it means your ticket is confirm.

Make enquiry online

With the emergence of the internet, everything is at the fingertips. So, if you want to make the railway ticket booking enquiry, you can do it by clicking on the Indian railway passengers’ enquiry website, from the comfort of your home or from anywhere using the late advance gadget provided. Now, it has become easy and simple when it comes to booking tickets from any part of the country.

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