Enjoy a Hassle Free Journey By Getting The Benefit of Indian Railways PNR Status

August 24, 2016

Indian Railways is a massive network which is able to link the many different parts of the country. The Indian Railways plays a vital role in binding the Indian people, culture and places. The trains provide access to every nook and corner of the country. It is indeed not an easy task to avail of the Purushottam Express train ticket and this is where Indian Railways PNR status finds its importance.

If you wish to do a Purushottam Express online book you will have to book  your Booking of trains starts 120 days before the departure of the train, and is possible up to 4 hours before departure until the final charts are prepared. Due to the huge rush of passengers, it may not always be possible for you to get seats available on your preferred train. This is why you are either put in RAC or Waiting List, wherein you will get your ticket confirmed if any cancellations are made. Under RAC, or Reservation against Cancellation, you will be given a side berth so that you can sit and travel.

Purushottam Express

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What Is PNR

PNR stands for the Personal Name Record. It is basically a ten digit unique code provided to you when you make your reservation. This number has been generated using the details you enter while booking like list of passengers and their details, day and date of travel, source and destination, and so on. It is alphanumeric and is different for every reservation made. If you wish to know about the current status of your reservation, you have to quote the PNR number.

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You will get all information regarding your ticket like the details of passengers, origin and destination stations, name and number of train, day and date of travel, status at the time of booking and also the current status of the ticket when you give your PNR number,.

The PNR enquiry with regards to the Purushottam Express train facilities can be done in several ways, out of which, approaching the nearest railway station and enquiring at the booking counters is the conventional method. One more method is to contact the 24-hour call centers in which case you will simply have to dial the toll-free numbers and quote your PNR number. The website of the Indian Railways also provides you the facility to check the PNR status by providing a link. Since mobile phones are gaining popularity these days, PNR status check has been made available using cell phones too.

How to track the Train PNR status?

If you would like check your train ticket status for your Purushottam Express ticket rates via internet you require absolutely nothing but to enter your PNR number within the tracking field. Within minutes you will be provided with details about your ticket status via any of the web portal present over web. By doing this, you can just look into the itinerary and real-time status of your reserved ticket.

Undoubtedly, the PNR number in connection with the Purushottam Express schedule is the most important part of train reservation since it offers all details about your travel.

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