Novotel Vishakhapatnam: A Great Place For Any Purpose

February 13, 2017

.“Nobody is a perfectionist and everyone needs to learn new things with time”, said my boss. He insisted me to attend a web training program in Vishakhapatnam which was in the next two days. He told me to attend seminar and I have to make a project over it and he informed me at a very short notice and all he asked me to make all the arrangements regarding travelling, food, stay etc. I was told not to worry about any budget too. I had very short time to plan but I have mastered this art of short time planning.

Planning for the event

At first I started searching for the flights from Lucknow to Vishakhapatnam on the online portal and while doing so I found that the prices of all the flight tickets were very high, even though I was not budget bounded but I didn’t want to waste money, I made many comparisons and after filtering and making many comparisons I jumped on to a conclusion that the flight tickets for IndiGo was the cheapest and I booked the tickets for it. The flight also served complimentary meal so it was a best buy.

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I had to book a hotel for staying for a day, the online portal showed many options and I was looking for a luxurious hotel, I had many options out of which I selected Novotel which was a 5 star hotel. I had been to Novotel hotel in Mumbai and had a very great experience there, they provide us with best quality food and their rooms are top class and they have well furnished room. They have all the amenities required and moreover they have big pools in their hotel. I was very satisfied with their service in the Mumbai branch so I was pretty sure to select Novotel Vishakapatnam Varun Beach.

Novotel Vishakapatnam Varun Beach

Trip experience: total excitement

My journey was very smooth, I reached Vishakhapatnam within an hour and I had a very quick security check and I reached my hotel very fast from the airport. The hotel was even bigger than the one in the Mumbai and it was very posh. The rooms were very well furnished and most of the things were made of glass which looked very lavish. My baggage also reached in my room within a minute and I was very happy with the room service. 

I had to attend the conference meeting in the evening  which continued for 3 hours and later I came back to the hotel, I went for swimming and then a Jacuzzi bath and had a relaxing evening, I watched movie on the 52 Inch LED TV fitted in my room and later went for the dinner, I had an amazing dinner and later I went to the Garden which was part of the hotel, it was very calm and silent, I was gazing at stars and I had lost into infinity and deep thoughts, I had spent quality time with myself after a very long time because of my busy schedule. The trip was very nice and the best part of it was spending alone time.

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