Best Of Goan Hospitality Combined With An Enriching Seminar Based on Ayurveda At Best Goa Hotels

November 9, 2016

Ayurveda, India's traditional system of medicine is not that easy to understand. There are innumerable principles, techniques and concepts, where each one is implemented for curing a particular set of diseases or disorder.  No matter how complex this might sound, one of the best things about it is that it uses 100% nature based remedies for eradicating the aliments right from its roots. This is something that had attracted me towards it for quite a long time and that is the reason why I decided to pursue it as my career.


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Learning the various components of Ayurveda is an experience in itself. Its concepts primarily revolve around one idea i.e. to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul through herbal ingredients. Last week, I did my best and finally got the opportunity to attend a seminar at Goa. Well known researches and practitioners of Ayurveda were going to be a part of this event to discuss the significance of this age old healthcare system in today's world.

Once the date for the seminar was fixed, I was all busy searching for the right train that would help me get to Goa as per my itinerary. Trains were not only my major concern; along with that I even had to explore the best hotel that brings an incredible take of Goan hospitality and that too at an affordable value.

Search For The Best Goa Hotels To Suit My Budget

Discovering the right train was a cakewalk. I went with Matsyagandha Express by making my reservations about three weeks before the trip. And how it was time for hunting down the best Goa hotels ! I must say that initially I thought this is going to be a tricky business, as there are so many options to choose from and each one of them seems to be the perfect one.

But, I decided to refine my search with the help of certain factors and they were

  • For me both the price and quality of services were of utmost importance. Therefore, I planned to have a proper balance between them.
  • Next, I made it a point that the location of the hotel is near the venue, where the seminar would take place.
  • At last, I took reference from the reviews, advice of travel experts and other suggestions to make sure that I land with the ideal Goa hotels.  

A Pleasant Stay At The Remarkable Hotel in Goa

The hotel that I had selected was only a few distance apart from the railway station. Hence, after arriving at Goa I booked a taxi and was ready to be there. Those hours of research finally paid off when I arrived at Manoshanti Hotel, Goa. Trust me, it's a great option that any budget oriented travel can find. The interiors are stunning, rooms are spacious and most importantly you are greeted with an overwhelming Goan hospitality. I went for the Deluxe room that beholds impeccable decor, great furnishing, best in class amenities and 24 hours room service too.


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The hotel offered best cuisine of Goa to me, among which the best I liked were fish curry rice and Bebinca. Both are traditional recipes of Goa which I loved to taste, and I made sure to travel again to enjoy them.

Loved the stay, and attending the seminar was indeed an unforgettable experience of my life.

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