A Trip To Guwahati – Exploring The Wildlife

January 10, 2017

New Jalpaiguri Railway Station | Image Resource :

As a professional in any field of worktoday, cutting out time for ourselves has become a very difficuly thing to do, amidst the tight schedule of the workplaceas well as the immense pressurethe large majority of professionals need to work with all the time. In fact, sometimes, we even need to work overtime or work over the weekends. Along these lines, it is altogether feasible for a vast part of us to neglect that we need to lay back and loosen up from time to time, for our own benefit.

How I think of it is, each one of us must take at the very least one holiday a year, to keep cut out some time for ourselves and for resting our mind and body. It is additionally very critical for our mental and physical wellbeing that we unwind ourselves from work from time to time. So recently, I decided to take a few days off of work and take a holiday. I wanted to explore wildlife, and thus I decided to go to Guwahati.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit any new places for quite a while now. I have always been passionate about exploring new places, and it was quite unfortunate that I didn’t have the time anymore to indulge my passion. I got a chance to explore Guwahati, and I was quite excited about it. I wanted to try out many things in Guwahati, especially the Assamese cuisine, which is new to me. I was thus very excited and made my travel arrangements well in advance.

Booking My Train Tickets To Guwahati

New Jalpaiguri and Guwahati being relative close to each pther geographically, there are quite a lot of trains available from New Jalpaiguri to Guwahati. I had a lot of options, and after a lot of researching on the internet and looking at details such as facilities, timings, and fares of many trains, I found that the Guwahati Express (05901) is the most convenient train for me as it fit my timetable and also had great facilities. I had a great trip on the train, and some of the best things about the trip were:

  • Train was right on schedule and departed from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station right on time.
  • Cleaning crew maintained the train well, and it was also cleaned periodically at the bigger stations.
  • Great facilities such as catering services, complimentary linen, blankets, pillows, etc.  

A Great Stay At Mayflower Hotel, Guwahati

The Mayflower Hotel in Guwahati is a 3-star hotel that offers some excellent facilities and services at very affordable and great prices. I had an excellent stay at the hotel and was quite impressed by the great services offered by this mid-tier hotel. The rooms here are very spacious and tastefully designed, with great furnishings as well. The room has many facilities available such as e-locker, hot water supply, television, Wi-Fi internet, room service, etc. The hotel also has business centres and restaurants. It was a very comfortable stay.


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